Working Capital

Emerge Lending has relationships with Bank and non-Bank capital providers throughout the nation. We specialize in customized loan options based on your business' needs.

The following are some of the types of working capital loans we offer:

Revolving Line of Credit

Your business is always evolving. Wouldn’t it be great to have access to a financial product with the flexibility to
evolve with it? Now you do! Our new Revolving Line of Credit provides the MAX loan approval, a fixed
term up to 36 months, and a fixed weekly payment – plus the flexibility to pay down or borrow additional funds on
an unlimited basis! You only pay for what you use and you’re in complete control based on your unique
business needs that may change over time!

Lines of Credit

With a Line of Credit, when opportunity knocks, business conditions change, or unexpected issues
arise, your clients will be ready. Our Line of Credit gives them 24-hour access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 6-
month period. They can draw funds as needed and only pay for what they take!

Flex Pay Loans

Many merchants simply don’t dream big because they believe they can’t afford to borrow the funds they
need. Our Flex Pay loan solves that problem! Flex Pay allows your clients to defer up to 50% of their loan
principal into the future, resulting in dramatically lower payments now!

Interest-Only Flex Pay Loans

Emerge Lending has long had the most aggressive interest-only product in the marketplace, our Interest-Only Flex
Pay Loan. Well, we just made it even better. We believe growing your business shouldn’t mean sacrificing your cash
flow, and with Emerge Lending's new and improved Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan, it doesn’t. It now allows your clients to quickly access from $50,000 to $750,000 without collateral and low, interest-only payments for up to one year! Now it also carries an optional Line of Credit with unlimited draws for up to a year. After the interest-only period, your client
has the option to pay the principal or use the built-in safety net rollover amortization up to two years.

Working Capital Loans

When cash is tight due to an unexpected dip in sales or a slow seasonal period, your clients won’t feel forced to
scale back their operations or postpone growth opportunities. A Working Capital Loan from Emerge Lending can
provide the surge of capital they need quickly and without the need for collateral!